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14 Kinds Of Bathroom Plants Recommended

by LucasAlbert on Jun 09, 2021

14 Kinds Of Bathroom Plants Recommended

Nowadays, when it comes to bathroom design or decoration, bathroom plants are being added to the list of considerations by more and more people. As with more and more technologies in our homes, the design styles we choose that can increase our connection to nature are becoming even more important. Bathroom plants are an excellent way to introduce colour and life to your bathroom. They not only can help you with creating a relaxing, tranquil space but also many of them have air purifying qualities. And it's so great that, when you consider the number of harsh chemicals often used to clean bathrooms. There are 14 kinds of bathroom plants we recommend, but before that you're supposed to know how great bathroom plants should be defined.

What are the great bathroom plants?

The great bathroom plants will be those that are able to cope with lots of extremes of temperature and air quality. Bathrooms will become very warm and humid when in use, so it's important you choose plants that can cope with this. However, as night falls your bathroom will generally be colder than the rest of your home, so the plants will need to be able to cope with these lower temperatures. If you have any pets it's also important to check the suitability of house plants, as some can be toxic to dogs & cats.

Snake Plant

The first recommended bathroom plant is the Snake Plant. These are great for your bathroom as they require relatively little maintenance. Snake plants will thrive in sunlight but can also handle lower light levels. Keep this plant on your windowsill in the light during the winter and move it slightly further away in the summer. One of the benefits of Snake Plants is their ability to filter out formaldehyde from the air, which can be found in some bathroom cleaning products.

Dragon Plants

Next up is Dragon Plants, also known as Dracaena. These plants prefer shade as their leaves can be scorched if exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. They also prefer a level of humidity which isn't found in most other rooms of your home, making them perfect for placement in a bathroom away from the window. As an added bonus, Dragon Plants can filter out VOC's found in some bathroom products.


Begonia plants will thrive under fluorescent lights, which makes them ideal for bathrooms without windows. While they do not require sunlight, they do require more maintenance than some of the plants on this list and need to be watered daily. However, if your bathroom is heavily used, this should give the plants enough moisture to survive.


These plants have leaves that can grow up to a foot and are among the larger plants, so they are perfect for growing in larger bathrooms. They will thrive in temperatures around 15°C and prefer a moist environment, exactly the kind you would find in a frequently used bathroom. Dieffenbachia should be rotated every month or so to ensure they grow evenly and need to be placed near a window in the darker winter months.

ZZ Plant

Of all the plants on this list we think the ZZ plant has the best name! It's also a bit of a trooper and is perfect for people who struggle to keep plants alive. Although it doesn't like complete shade or direct sunlight, it will thrive on a window-sill which gets moderate amounts of light throughout the day.


Ivy is often considered a weed because it can take over exterior walls and buildings. However, controlled in your home, it will look gorgeous in the bathroom. Ivy is best hung on a ledge where its leaves can fall when the sun shines in, creating a stunning effect. In addition to being beautiful, ivy has great air purifying properties and can help remove mold and mildew from the air.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are a staple in many homes and for good reason. They are able to grow in a variety of different conditions but favour lighting from a window-sill which receives moderate sun throughout the day. You should avoid leaving them in an area which receives full sunlight, as this can scorch the leaves. They need to be watered once a week and have the added benefits or removing pollutants such as carbon monoxide from the air.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a gorgeous plant which will make a fantastic addition to modern bathrooms. Aloe Vera is able to handle changes in temperature and won't grow much more than a couple of feet, which makes it a perfect countertop accessory for smaller bathrooms. Aloe Vera likes lots of bright light, so leave it on or near a window-sill and move it outside for the warmest summer months. The juice of Aloe Vera also has lots of other benefits including soothing burned skin.

Dracaena sanderiana (lucky bamboo)

Dracaena sanderiana is commonly marketed as "lucky bamboo". Dracaena sanderiana and its related varieties are popular houseplants. It is a suitable plant in a confined space, and the most suitable place is a scattered light or semi-shade site because direct sunlight causes yellowing and burning of leaves. Ideal temperature ranges from 15 to 22 °C (59 to 72 °F). It requires average warmth, good illumination, regular watering and water spray.


Orchids are tropical plants, so they are suitable for growing in the humid environment of your bathroom. Once in bloom, they are one of the prettiest plants in your home and will bring a welcome splash of color. Orchids prefer mainly moderate indirect light, so they are best placed on a windowsill and do not receive too much harsh sunlight.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a striking plant that will certainly make a statement in your home. With elegant, glossy leaves and pretty white blooms, the Peace Lily is the perfect plant for anyone looking to create a relaxing spa bathroom. It only needs a little indirect sunlight and your shower will bring the tropical humidity it would have in its natural environment. The leaves of the Peace Lily also have air filtration properties, ideal for bathrooms that have problems with damp & mold.


The philodendron is a tropical plant which would naturally be found on the jungle floor,  so it likes humid environments and only requires minimal light. This makes it an ideal plant for family bathrooms without large windows.

Chinese Evergreen

The beautiful foliage pattern and its smaller size make Chinese evergreens perfect for small, chic bathrooms. True to its name, the evergreen needs only a little care to stay healthy over time. It likes the humidity that comes with a smaller bathroom and needs lower light, so place it on a countertop away from the window.

Cast Iron Plant

If you're not very good at keeping plants alive, this is the best bathroom plant for you! The Cast Iron likes low light environments, needs very little water and can tolerate high temperature extremes, so you can relax in the knowledge that your plant is going to stand the test of time! To keep your Cast Iron healthy you simply need to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering.

Final Words

When choosing bathroom plants, there are several factors to consider.

When choosing plants, it is important to consider how large your bathroom is and how big the plants are likely to grow. Plants that are too large for your bathroom can create a cramped, claustrophobic feeling.

Needs Care:
Some of the plants on our list require regular watering, while others can survive for weeks without water. Consider how much time you want to spend caring for your plants or, more importantly, whether you remember to do so.

Available lighting:
As with different water levels, different plants will require different amounts of light. Think about the areas where you want your plants to grow and how much light those areas receive during the day.

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