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Know More About Bathroom Mirror

by LucasAlbert on Aug 27, 2021

Know More About Bathroom Mirror

Nowadays, people can't live their daily lives without a mirror, washing and grooming to keep themselves in good shape at the beginning of the new day, so mirrors are one of the essential elements in the bathroom. People's functional requirements for bathroom mirrors are also increasing, in order to meet this changing trend, the type of bathroom mirror design has also appeared more. Of course, bathroom mirrors also play an indispensable role in influencing the style of bathroom decoration, especially for small bathrooms, because the clever use of mirrors in the bathroom will create the illusion of more space.

Here we will come to introduce some common types of bathroom mirrors and functional types.

LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are a stylish and environmentally friendly addition to your bathroom. Incorporating LED lights in your mirrors means you can have more powerful and convenient utility lighting without the need for large energy bills. Because of the inherent affordability of LED lighting, you'll even find some LED mirrors that are battery operated, which means installing these mirrors doesn't require high costs either. For bathrooms that lack natural light, lighted mirrors are a great option, as they provide plenty of vibrancy and prevent any darkness and shadows in the space.

The LED mirrors are now designed with features that will add brightness and color temperature adjustability, giving you the freedom to choose the right and comfortable lighting conditions.

Fluorescent Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are one of the most popular types of mirrors. Unlike LED mirrors, which typically use LED lights on the mirror surface to provide direct illumination, backlit mirrors use fluorescent tubes located behind the mirror, along with etched glass to allow light to pass through, emitting a subtle but sufficient amount of light to make shaving, applying makeup, or completing any task that requires good light reflection easier to accomplish.

Non-Illuminated Mirrors

Simple and elegant styles are often the best choice for minimalist and modern bathrooms. If you don't want LED or fluorescent lighting on your mirror, a more affordable option is to go with an unlit mirror. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with classic and beautiful shapes, and some have integrated shelves to create more space for your bathroom essentials.

Vanity Magnifying Mirrors

Vanity magnifying mirrors usually have some form of extendable "scissor" arm that makes it easy to position them exactly where they are needed. They come in varying degrees of magnification and are often paired with LED lights as well to provide brighter illumination, making them ideal for when you need to get a closer look. Usually as an added bonus.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

Not only can functional cabinets add a modern touch to your bathroom, but functionality is the main selling point of mirrored bathroom cabinets. Smaller bathrooms will benefit from the ample storage space that mirrored cabinets provide as it saves wall space. Take it a step further and choose illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinets to take your bathroom design to the next level.

Common additional features of bathroom mirror design

  • Bluetooth:

Bluetooth mirrors, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, combine generous LED lighting with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Placing your phone or speaker in a safe place when showering or bathing is often a hassle, but a Bluetooth mirror can help you solve this problem perfectly. 

  • Defogging function:

Defogging technology rejects the accumulation of water and stains on the mirror surface, ensuring that the mirror maintains a clear reflection.

  • Shaving Socket

The shaving mirror includes a built-in razor socket for use with an electric razor or electric toothbrush, eliminating the need to install a separate socket.


Bathroom mirrors come in a variety of types and functions, although there aren't too many, there are a wide range of options when combined with style. so hopefully you can now make an informed decision about which mirror is best for your bathroom.

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