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Shower Head Filters May Be A Good Choice For You

by AlbertLucas on May 31, 2021

Shower Head Filters May Be A Good Choice For You

After reading our last two articles, now that you probably have an idea of what hard water and soft water are and their pros & cons, as well how hard water soften into soft water. But there is no absolute answer to the question of whether to use soft water or hard water, cause every coin has two sides. It need to vary from person to person and according to your situation, including the composition of your family members, economic conditions, physical condition, etc.

In your daily life, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of soft water in bathing and cleaning, while reducing the disadvantages of hard water. And now you've got the methods how to soften water at home. But anyway, you might require to install a home-level water softeners or a softening system that takes up some space. However, the investment is a big one. Good water softeners can be expensive especially ones for the whole, which not everybody can afford. Some of them also require frequent maintenance in the form of cartridge changes, and there’s a high chance that you’ll need a plumbing company to install it and if something goes wrong. If you go with the salt-based ones, which are the most popular, you also need to replenish the brine solution on a regular basis.

So if you don’t use a whole-house water filtering system, shower head filters may be a good choice for you. First of all, they’re much more affordable. A good water softener shower head is accessible to most. It’s also very easy to install, which shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes assuming you have the basic household tools. The good ones do a great job of preventing many hard water-related issues, which can significantly enhance your showering experience.

It’s time to take a look at some of the main types that are available to you. There are two main characteristics that you should pay attention to: design and filtration cartridges.


1. Shower Head Filters
Shower head filters are great for those who don’t want a bulky shower head. They look pretty much the same as regular shower heads, so you won’t even notice the difference, since they’re available in a variety of designs.
Still, it’s what’s on the inside that makes a difference. There are various types of filters that make your water softer and remove many harmful substances at the same time. When it comes to your shower experience, the only difference you might notice is an increased water pressure that this type enables. Even though other differences will likely be unnoticeable, your skin and hair will likely thank you for them.

2. In-line Shower Filters
If you really like your existing shower head, then what you need is an in-line shower filter that will soften your water. Rather than replacing your entire shower head, all you have to do is install this filter between your shower head and the water line.
You can enjoy all the perks of your current shower head with the added benefits of a water softening filter. Most filters are compact and not very noticeable, so this is another inconspicuous solution that won’t mess up your bathroom design.

3. In-Line and Shower Head Filters
If you want to completely replace your shower head and make sure that the water will stay soft, this can be the most powerful option at your disposal. It’s also the largest one, since you have to install both the in-line filter and the shower head.

The mechanism at work here can vary. Some shower heads feature a two-stage filter system, one in the in-line filter and one in the shower head. This is the best choice for making sure that your water contains no harmful substances, as these filters can remove virtually all types of contaminants besides soluble metals.
Other types feature an in-line filter only, while the shower head serves the purpose of controlling the water pressure. Even though they may not be as effective, they can still remove minerals and other substances from your water. As an added bonus, they usually also offer better water pressure than the two-level system (as water loses pressure in every filtration stage that it has to go through).

The design that you decide to go with will mostly depend on the hardness of your water, as well as the presence of other contaminants.

The Types Of Filter Cartridge

1. Multi-level Carbon Filter
This filter is the most capable, and consequently the most popular. Many water softeners use these carbon filters, and they can ensure that your water stays soft and free of many other harmful chemicals.
With these filters, the water passes through around 12 different mediums, each one of them designed to improve a certain aspect of shower water. Usually, they first remove larger particles from the water. These include sediments, rust, and large viruses and bacteria.
After exiting this stage, water comes in contact with the ion exchange resins, which softens the water by blocking magnesium and calcium molecules. Once the water is softened, it’s finally pushed through an activated carbon filter. This removes chlorine and several other harmful chemicals that might pose a threat.
The result is clean, soft water which won’t cause any of the issues you saw above.

2. KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) Filter
The KDF filter consists of zinc and copper. In a classical arrangement of zinc anode and copper cathode, they create an electrical-chemical potential not unlike an electrolytic cell. You won’t be able to notice this electric potential, but your shower water definitely will. Once it gets in contact with the filter, electron transfer converts free chlorine in the water into water-soluble salt that can’t cause any damage to your skin or hair.
If there are any hard metals in your water, such as mercury or lead, the filter will render them harmless as well by the same principle.
You can use this filter alone, or you can use it with the multi-level carbon filter discussed above.

3. Vitamin C Filter
This filter serve as a great addition to the other types of filter, but it doesn’t soften water on its own. Where it excels is chlorine removal, since vitamin C can remove up to 99% of it from the water.
They can also help remove sediments in water, but they are nowhere near as effective as carbon filters. Also, many contaminants don’t react to vitamin C at all, so they won’t be removed. Still, the addition of vitamin C in the water can have a positive effect on your skin and hair.
Keep in mind that not every filter type will meet everyone’s needs. Some people might benefit from filters that do a better job at softening water, while others might find the ones that remove bacteria more useful.

Wrap Up

As you could see from the introduction above, every model is different, and all of them are good at filtering out certain contaminants. The first thing you should do when shopping for the shower head filter is to test your water and see which contaminants affect your water source.
Once you find out which are the most harmful contaminants in your water, you can choose a shower head filter for hard water that will not only soften your water but will also make it healthier to use. Constantly using these filters will make your skin and hair look healthier, improving your physical appearance.


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